VIDEO TUTORIALS – by Martin Okoed
Microsoft Office PowerPoint – Question and Answer – Teach yourself Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in just 25 minutes using the question and answer approach video.
Microsoft Office Word Part 1 – Teach yourself Microsoft Office Word in 16 Minutes! Covered here is inserting text, line spacing, changing font size and color, using cut, copy and paste commands, find and replace, displaying a rule, changing measurement units.
Microsoft Office Word Part 2 – Teach yourself Microsoft Office Word in 16 Minutes! Covered here is: bullets and numbering; headers and footers; inserting symbols; text boxes; shapes; page breaks; customizing page numbers, superscripts and subscripts as well as watermarks.
Microsoft Office Word Part 3 – Teach yourself Microsoft Office Word in 20 Minutes! Covered here is is: columns and drop caps; adding a new page; page borders; customizing paper size; working with images and clip art; counting words, footnotes and end notes.
Microsoft Office Word Part 4 – Teach yourself Microsoft Office Word in 12 Minutes! Covered here: using the zoom slider; inserting and deleting comments; tracking changes and working with tables.
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Biology Guide

Study Guide from Pinkmonkey

Study Guide from Sparknotes


Study Guide from Pinkmonkey


Virtual Textbook of Organic ChemistryChemGuide: Helping you understand Chemistry – Basic  Organic, Physical, Inorganic and lots more

It’s Elemental – The Periodic Table of Elements

Organic Chemistry Practice Problems

Study Guide from PinkMonkey.

Study Guide from Sparknotes


Busoga College Mwiri Beginning of Term 1 2009 Exam

Busoga College Mwiri Mid Term 1 Exam 2009

Busoga College Mwiri End-of-Term-1.2009-Exam

Busoga College Mwiri Beginning of Term 2.2009 Exam

Tests n Mock Exam BCM BSS MHS 2009


Computer Help-How to Upgrade Computers Upgrade Guides Tips
Computer Hints and Tips to Bring you back from the edge


Computer Memory Upgrade Desktop or Laptop

FunctionX: Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Programming, Web Development………

How to Upgrade Computer Hardware- New parts for your Dell, HP …

Microsot in Education: Tutorials for Teachers and Students

Microsoft Office 2000, Office Xp, 2003 and 2007 Tutorials

PC Upgrading Guide – PC Upgrade – Computer Upgrading

PowerLeap: Official CPU Upgrade Support Site

RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives …

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